One of the most exciting features of this new technology is, show designers have complete flexibility to create effects that were once impossible. THE SPARKULAR MACHINE is controlled by a state-of-the art console which allows the designer to independently control the, HEIGHT, VOLUME, TIMING & DURATION of each machine. 

The machines run in series via DMX cables, and our pro console can run up to fifty-four units at one time. The console has an automation feature allows the show designer to program in advance when the machines will shoot the effects, for how long, how high and in which sequence. We have seen some designers produce some ultra-creative and breathtaking sequences.

The console can also be set to shoot to music giving show designers the ultimate flexibility.

The DMX ports allow for an easy set up and tear down process. A show can be literally set up in a matter of hours, and tear down is even faster. There isn’t any waste, and no clean up.